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Adventures in creativity

We organize unique digital and live events, educational contests, make films and tv series.



a few of our endeavors


Media for the soul.


We create narrative and documentary films, building on years of experience in film and media since 2001. We made films in the United States, Czech Republic, Russia and India, winning awards for projects like “Moses on the Mesa” and “The Caveman of Atomic City”.

Our current production projects consist of the television series version of the historical adventure “Moses on the Mesa,” “The Bluffs,” a supernatural thriller about an avenging Native American spirit, as well as “First Time for Murder,” a feature film murder mystery set on a Florida island.


We have been organizing events, and particularly film festivals, for over two decades. We produce and are directors of the Sarasota Film Festival, one of the top 25 film festivals in the U.S., with a yearly attendance of 50,000+ people.

Additionally, we co-founded and direct Visions of the Black Experience film festival and the Sarasota Native American Film Festival, both events now in their 4th years.

Internationally, we produced the popular Prague 48 Hour Film Project from 2011 – 2018 and are currently producing the fourth annual Prague Youth Film Festival – a premiere showcase of top young filmmakers from around the world.

Radiant Island is also producing the Screenlife Contest for writer/producer Timur Bekmambetov’s Bazelevs Group, a leading international film production studio, and other competitions.


We’ve developed a number of successful web projects, including the comedy series “HahaPlanet,” which garnered several million views on Youtube.

Our web series “Spaceship Florida” was featured in national and Florida press upon the release of its first trailer, garnering thousands of views.

We are also working on turning our multiple-award-winning short film and Facebook phenomenon  “Moses on the Mesa” into a TV series.


We create commercials, trailers, and media presentations for local and international clients.

We also design and execute marketing campaigns, utilizing our specific expertise in putting together events for younger audiences.

We administer a number of social media properties with millions of followers, using our experience in successfully growing portals from scratch.

One unique aspect of our marketing approach is in organizing contests. We have conceived and managed film and video contests for various corporate clients as well as educational competitions like the Reel Talk PSA Contest for middle and high schoolers and the Instafilm Contest for high school/college age students.

About us

Lifetime in film.

Petra & Paul Ratner have a wealth of film, tv and events experience, with a career that included large Hollywood projects. While Paul has worked as a development executive for a leading film production company in Los Angeles, Petra’s production work also extends to films like “Wanted“, “Hostel”, “Alien vs Predator” and “Doom.”

Together, Paul and Petra produced the Prague 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) from 2011 till 2018, starting it from scratch and growing the contest to 84 teams. Over 10,000 people have visited 48 HFP screenings over the years, garnering millions of views online. The winners of Prague 48 HFP have also won international awards, showing their films at Cannes and at prestigious film events in the United States. Numerous winners have gone on to successful careers in film and television.

In the United States, they worked with partners like Universal, Fox, William Morris Endeavor, Netflix, ABC, Comcast, SNN TV, and Huffington Post.

In their work in organizing festivals in the Czech Republic, Petra and Paul worked closely with such corporate partners as Canon, Stella Artois, Jameson, Nova Cinema, Czech Television, ČEZ Group, Copy General, Magnesia, Voyo, Panavision, Bonton Film,, Radio One, Radio Spin as well as the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Tourism, Czech Consulate in the United States, Czech News Agency, and the Czech Film Commission.

Petra is now also the Director of Development and Events for the acclaimed Sarasota Film Festival, an acclaimed 24- year-old international film event in Sarasota, Florida. Paul is the Managing Director for the same festival.

Paul, holding an MFA in film production from Chapman University, also runs the International Screenlife Contest, now in its second year, and writes for, Interesting Engineering, and other publications.


“Spaceship Florida” casting

We are casting to film a new season of “Spaceship Florida” in the Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice areas. If you’re interested in learning more, please email us using the contact form.